Military & Government

Rope for Military & Government

High performance rope & cord for critical applications.

Cancord has a long history as a supplier of rope to the military, and other government branches, including emergency services. Much of the rope we manufacture to government and military specifications is obscure and difficult to find elsewhere.

We stock a complete selection of braided military cord and nylon parachute cord, as well as nylon, polyester, and Kevlar® kernmantle ropes, double braid nylon and polyester marine ropes, braided cotton ropes, and various high spec twines.

We stock products that are manufactured to the following specifications:

We also manufacture other government and military ropes on a made to order basis. We have an extensive NSN (National/NATO Stock Number) database, and can often determine the product you’re trying to source with very little information. We encourage you to contact us with your requirements.

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